Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New DOT Physical Exam Location Los Angeles California Dr Daniel D Kim DC $50

New DOT CDL Physical Exam Location $50 L.A., California  -  Dr Daniel Kim DC - Certified DOT Physical Provider serving commercial driver license holders. http://fastertruck.com/pages/DOT-CDL-Physical-Exam-Locations-and-Forms-California-J-P.html

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big Rig Speed Governor Calibrator XM7KT

 Big Rig Speed Governor Calibrator Control Unit for Semi-Trucks.

Worn (Bald) Truck Tires Slow Down Your Truck's Maximum Ground Speed.

Semi truck tires have approx. one inch tread depth when new. When they get worn down, the diameter of the tire decreases. This can result in a 4% decrease in truck speed.
If a speed governor limit (SGL) is set at 65mph, a truck with bald tires will have a top ground speed of only 62.4mph. This also causes speedometer error as the speedometer is still reading 65mph. 
Also, more miles are recorded on the odometer and ECM than are actually being driven. Thus, shortening the truck manufacturers warranty by 2% to 4%. A 500,000 mile truck warranty may run out at only 480,000 actual ground miles.
The driver will also endure an increased risk of accidents and road rage from motorists who just want to do the speed limit but are frustrated by the rolling roadblock ahead as 2 trucks try to pass each other.

Precisely Control Your SGL (Speed Governor Limit) Without Programming or Passwords. Big Rig Speed Governor Calibrator XM7KT

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